100% HUMAN - destination: myself (100% menneske)

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Monica is a 22 year old Norwegian.

When she was born, her parents believed she was a boy. They named her Morten.

April 8 2002 Monica had her body surgically corrected, to make it fit her real gender. Her mother believes the alternative would have been a grave.

Six months before the operation, and twelve months after, Monica has been confiding in a camera. This has become a rare video diary. Her total honesty, sense of humour, and direct way of telling things as they are will definitely break down myths and prejudice on people in her situation.

Most of us can relate to a search for a true identity. Very few have to endure surgery to get to this goal. But meeting loss, fear, joys, sorrow and lust on this journey is something we all have in common.

100% HUMAN is an exciting and tender experience with a human being who really knows what it takes to become yourself.


Trond Winterkjær has worked with theatre, ballet, film and TV over the last 16 years. Trond has a Bachelor in Directing for Television Professional Broadcasting from Lillehammer University College, he directed both "I love whom I want to love" and "Dirty, sinful me". Starting out as a dancer with several years of stage experience, he continued as editor, TV promo producer, and has worked as post-production chief editor and producer of reality shows "Villa Medusa" and "Robinson-ekspedisjonen" (“Survivor”).

Jan Dalchow started out in radio, before working as show host, technical director, commercials editor, sound designer and music producer, finally concentrating on film and TV in 1995. A self-schooled jack-of-all-trades, he is well versed in the production of most mass media. He initiated and produced "I love whom I want to love", directed and produced "Dirty, sinful me", and co-directed "Precious Moments”.




"100% human" will consist of an unusual mix of genres. A personal video diary, dreamy musical performances, re-enactments and traditional cinema-verite scenes.

In the autumn of 2001 Monica was lent a DV camera she used to document the process prior to and after the surgery. Her video diaries are frank and honest. She has given us unique insight by giving us the possibility to be very close in a special phase. We have stayed in contact with her during this time, and have at points watched her diary, giving her basic feedback.

In some of the entries in her video diary, Monica had trouble putting words to her emotions. Fortunately she decided to put on a CD, sometimes singing along, or reading us poems. This struck a nerve, and we started discussing the possibility of using music in the form of songs Monica could perform. This form of expression worked perfectly with her personality.

The musical numbers will add depth to Monica's story in a way we can't do with traditional documentary techniques. We reach the audience emotionally, as well as breaking up the story with moments of reflection, in an otherwise very verbal film. After successful tests in a sound recording studio, we decided to shoot a pilot. Audience tests have proved that this form resonates successfully with viewers. At the same time we challenge the traditional documentary in the same way Monica challenges traditional gender definitions.

The film will be a mirror for all of us, making us realise the ordinary inside the extraordinary. Monica is an everyday twenty-something girl, trapped in unusual circumstances. We will identify with her longings, fear, joy, sorrows and attractions.

No run-of-the-mill transsexual shockumentary, this film instead invites you to be Monica's travel partner on her journey to becoming - herself.

"100% HUMAN" is in production and the release is planned to autumn 2004. For more information, requests for copies of the pilot or the script please contact: DALCHOWS VERDEN, Møllergata 28, 0179 Oslo, Norway. info@dalchowsverden.no tel. +47 2220 4700, fax +47 2220 4701 

Publicity stills for download: Monica Voilås Myklebust (photo: Jan Dalchow) / The directors: Jan Dalchow og Trond Winterkjær (photo: May B. Langhelle)


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